Russian writer  Viktor Jerofeyev on Putin & Russia

On Sunday evening, Russian writer Viktor Jerofeyev was a guest on  the German TV program  "Anne Will".  Before the Ukraine war, Yerofeyev had met the Russian ruler several times.

He explained that the Putin regime was already in its death throes, but that the Kremlin leader would do everything "not to look like a loser." The 75-year-old then went on to explain, "Moreover, I believe that in the West he is wrongly considered a rational person. He is ready to destroy the world - along with himself. He once said that the world without Russia is without interest for him. And look at him yourself: In all the photos that exist of him, you will probably have noticed that he always looks unhappy. Bored. As soon as he has a gun, a weapon in his hand, he suddenly comes alive. He is a man of war and that is actually the role of this thug."

Yerofeyev on Russia: "The country is already in the morgue"
"And I don't mean, of course, that Russia as a country has died. It is a formidable country. But as an institution of people, it has no future. That's how I see it. And the question is, do we put the country in intensive care or in the morgue. In my opinion, it is already in the morgue, like a corpse decaying."

Yerofeyev often used the term "gopnik" for Putin, which in Russian is a derogatory term for a backyard thug or criminal. The writer is pleased, however, with how resolutely Ukrainians are fighting back against the aggressor. "I believe that a new, very strong European nation is emerging here," Yerofeyev continued.