Russian attack on Romania?

“'If it is confirmed that the parts found belong to a Russian drone, it would be an inadmissible situation' and 'a serious violation of Romania's sovereignty and territorial integrity', President Klaus Iohannis thundered. ... But at the same time efforts are being made to defuse the situation. Defence Minister Angel Tilvar has stressed that he saw no direct threat to the country. (La Stampa)

“There was so much 'increased' vigilance going on that it took the Ministry of Defence three days to realise that Russian drones had crashed on Romanian territory. ... This time, the Russian drone attack on a Nato country didn't claim any victims. But what about next time?  (Adevărul)

“The highest representatives of the Romanian state have been spouting nonsense to the world for two days. While half of Europe's leaders were in Cotroceni, where the Three Seas Initiative summit is convening, Romania made a fool of itself on a global scale, showing how incapable it is of managing a security incident and how superficial its behaviour is regarding the war next door . ... I can't recall a more shameful moment in the recent history of the Romanian state - such an explosive display of incompetence and dysfunctional institutions. This state is a danger to itself.”  (

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