Enchanted Island

The web is poking fun at the Egyptian milliardaire Naguib Sawiris who offered to find his personal solution to the migrant crisis:

Greece or Italy sell me an island,ill call its independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building their new country


The coptic tycoon who is reportedly close to Egyptian President al-Sisi offers to host a few hundred thousand migrants on a Mediterranean island. It should probably be a large island, about the size of Malta, to accommodate so many people. Are there any uninhabited islands of that size in the Med? The infrastructure would be the costliest part, Sawiris says.

But what are his migrants going to do? First day: go swimming (if you know how to...) Second day: go swimming. Third day: look for a smuggler with a boat to take you to Europe.

  Still, Sawiris should not be ridiculed. He is a damned nice guy who tries to find a solution where there is none. Maybe he would be willing to put up the money for a more feasible way to help the migrants. In Brussels they should take good note of his address.




The tycoon has since revealed on Twitter that his plan is coming to fruition, and has urged volunteers to come forward.

A statement by his firm’s communication office shared on Twitter said that he had “identified two privately owned Greek islands” that would be suitable for the project:

“We have corresponded with their owners and expressed our interest to go into negotiations with them provided they can acquire the approval of the government of Greece to host the maximum number of refugees allowable according to Greek laws.”

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