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The New Angst: A German Crash Course in Arab Life Style


   Cologne and no end. German media are mobilizing their Middle East correspondents and all kinds of experts to explain to their audience what happened on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and why.

   For the first time the “Arabs” occupy center stage. More than any terrorist attack has the Cologne flash mob succeeded in shaking up Germany's complacent way of life.

   The Germans are furious. Their politicians, the bureaucracy and the police appear helpless, hapless. “Who got us into this mess?” Merkel.

   With more millions suspected to be on the way to Europe, the feeling of doom is pervasive. Nobody believes that new laws and more policing will save the old way of life.

   Who are these Arabs who insulted German women and poked fun at the police?

Who are these Arabs?

   After half a century of co-existence with Turkish and Kurdish immigrants and their offspring the Germans thought they knew it all – the forced marriages, the honor killings, the under-age brides, the hubble-bubble cafes and the halal butchers.

    And now the Arabs! So new, so different, so threatening! And so many!

   In addition to the Syrians and Iraqis there are now thousands of Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians on the move toward Germany. They cannot claim refugee status; their arrival in increasing numbers undermines the altruistic groundswell of the German society (at least in western Germany) which impressively welcomed the Syrians and the Eritreans in 2015.

   The Moroccans, mostly young unemployed men from poor quarters were electrified by the news of the successful trek of hundreds of thousands through the Balkans to Germany. The traditional Moroccan migration route to Italy and from there to France has been blocked by the Italian police which now prevents them from stepping off the plane and evicts them on the return flight. The same treatment is offered to Algerians; Italy concluded agreements with both countries which rule that they will take back all illegal migrants.

   Since Turkey is still open to Moroccans and Algerians, the flights to Turkey are sold out and rates have been raised.

   What irks the Germans as regards young North Africans is their reputation for pickpocketing. In fact, in poor quarters of Casablanca, attending the pickpocket school is for young men often the only way of learning a trade. In Cologne, numerous Maghrebinians, especially Moroccans, gave an impressive show of their skills.  Since they cannot hope to be offered asylum, they try to make as much money as possible during their stay in Germany, North Rhine Westphalia police says. Theft, burglary and drug pushing are their main activities. North Africans and Lebanese clans display utter disrespect for the police and are living in ghettoes which are virtual no-go areas where single police patrols are impossible, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported (Gesetz der Strasse, 16/17-1-16)

Unlike the Greeks

   In the 1960s, Germany was invaded by thousands of young Greek males fleeing poverty. Many of them quickly established a trade, set up a restaurant or shipped second hand cars and machinery to Greece. Others found employment as unskilled workers. Many Greeks married German women in order to get a permit of residence, allowing them to fulfil their dream of buying a car and returning to Greece with a German number plate, where cars were luxury items because of heavy customs duties.

   The Greeks somehow managed their German families and, on the whole, integrated well. When they took their German wife to Greece she was well received and treated with courtesy.

   The young Arabs now arriving in Germany by the hundreds of thousands have quite different ideas. They are attracted by Germany not only for making money to send home but also to enjoy themselves. Enjoying themselves -- as the events in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart showed -- means girls, women, and cheap alcohol. In Arabic such events are called  تحرش جماعي , (taharrush gamea),  a form of collective sexual harassment and rape popular among young Arabs.

   Undoubtedly Germany's reputation for having plenty of girls in miniskirts circulating in public places is an exciting offer to young, poor Arabs who cannot hope of  finding a wife in their country because they cannot afford the bride price and/or the costly wedding.

   In the current discussion of the refugee crisis only two types of migrants have found attention: the true refugee and the economic migrant. The existence of a third type of sexual migrant has been ignored. He comes from predominantly Muslim countries, Arab and non-Arab, with their rigid morale.

   The current trend in Muslim countries of women adopting the veil – which was once limited to peasantry and the low classes – increases the contrast of appearance between Arab and European women, and hence the fascination for young Arab men.

   What about the good old convenience marriage with a German woman in order to secure the residence permit and all related advantages?

   Nope. In matters of marriage, the young Arab will consult his family back home where probably the daughter of his father's brother is waiting for him. She is often  not allowed to marry another man unless her  اِبْنُ عَمَّةٍ  (ibn 'amm), her cousin, refuses her.

   If the young Arab is independent enough to ignore the family and marry a foreigner, there are two unpleasant possible consequences: one is that he will one day return to his country. abandon his European family and divorce his wife in the convenient Sharia way. Or he will take his European wife to his hometown where she will have to convert to Islam. She will find herself locked up in the house and forced to put on the veil. 

Ihsan al-Tawil


Der Spiegel magazine reported that German Länder governments encountered difficulties in deporting North Africans. The governments of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia were very reluctant to accept returnees. By end-July 2015, of some 5,500 North Africans due to be deported, German authorities only succeeded in repatriating 53 of them during the first half of 2015.  

 Update II  Not only Arab men ...

In Munich's large Bayern Barracks refugee shelter, a group of 15 Nigerian women surrounded a Protestant Church representative and demanded to be given an apartment. The women harrassed the man, some allegedly slapped him in the face; one of them strangled him with his shawl. The man did not react because the women were carrying babies. Some threatened to let the babies drop to the floor unless he provided them with apartments. When police arrived, the situation calmed down. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 14 January 2016)

Update III  Women themselves responsible ...

Warning women against "adding fuel to the fire". the Imam of a Salafist Cologne mosque',  Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf,  has said the victims of the New Year’s Eve attacks in that city were themselves responsible for their sex assault by being half naked and wearing perfume.

Breitbart, 19 January 2016


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