Boogaloo Bois supporting jihad, al-Qaeda & Hamas

    The Boogaloo Bois are a relatively new but increasingly visible extreme right group and male militia in the U.S. watched by TRAC (Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium) a global terrorism and extremism watchdog headed by the very active and knowledgeable Ms Veryan Khan. TRAC says it is Synthesizing open source intelligence data with our deep expertise to secure your organization from threats worldwide.


"On 04 September, the US Department of Justice charged two self-described Boogaloo Bois Micheal Solomon and Benjamin Ryan with attempting material support to Hamas.  This isn't the first time TRAC had Mr. Solomon on our radar. In July 2020, Solomon was organizing roughly 250 armed men to provide security for businesses around Minneapolis under the Boogaloo ideology.  He even gave an interview claiming that he was prepared to kill any police who approached his residence and that he expected a lot of Boogaloo Bois members to die in anti-government activity.  The trend of extreme far right activity supporting jihad is not new.  In May 2020, US army private Ethan Melzer was arrested for plotting attacks with the racist RapeWaffen Telegram channel against his military unit by leaking to al Qaeda information on US troop movements in Turkey.  It should be noted that many extreme far right Telegram channels also believe that jihadists have the right idea on the 'Jewish problem' and how to treat women."


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