Russian Journalist Says She Was Poisoned In Germany

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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Yelena Kostyuchenko believes she was poisoned last year in Germany, where she fled following her critical reporting in Ukraine while covering Russia's full-scale invasion. Kostyuchenko told Current Time that she experienced disorientation, stomach pains, swelling, and other symptoms. Originally published at -


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It has been happening for decades. I served in the US Army in Washington DC under Uncle Ronnie Raygun. I worked in a laboratory. My last department was Toxicology. At that time, there was quite a presence of Soviet operatives in the area. There were poisonings. The Soviets had toxic cocktails of injectable drugs that worked together to become a nightmarish form of chemical torture. The director of my department looked at the list of chemicals that we found by GC and Mass Spec, and he broke down and sobbed. Our enemy had no morals whatsoever. The russians will do anything. In fact, the worse it is, the lower it is, the more shocking, the least humane thing is what they treasure the most. If the russians disappeared from the face of the earth, I would not shed a tear. In fact, I would celebrate the world's gain with a glass of American vodka. Good riddance to evil.

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