Turkish Delight


    Of the roughly 400,000 businesses of Turkey's food industry, only about 40,000 are officially licensed and inspected. The remaining 360,000 are not inspected and constitute a potential serious health risk for consumers.

   "Among the most common contaminated products that the inspections uncovered, were cow meat sausages and meatballs containing horse and donkey meat; sausages containing garlic peeled in lime water; butter mixed with vegetable oil; nitrated bologna produced for longer shelf-life; water-diluted milk; harmful gelatin and yogurt diluted with vegetable oils; sugar and candies dyed with textile coloring; pistachio-looking peas and peanuts painted green; bleached figs; dried grapes covered with diesel fuel; grape molasses sold as sugar beet molasses; chicken döner that included offal; meats which were made heavier with water while marinating; traditional lahmacun that was tainted with bone ash; white meat chlorinated for freshness; chili peppers containing brick dust; olives painted in chemical dye; cigarettes containing wood dust, beverages with methyl alcohol; water-diluted wines; and fake salep (a starchy preparation of the dried tubers of various orchids) in ice-cream." (Sunday's Zaman)

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