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  • Mogherini: Why a headscarf in Tehran?

Mogherini: Why a headscarf in Tehran?


   Federica Mogherini, the Foreign Representative of the European Union, visited Tehran for the purpose of strengthening relations and coordinating the fight against terrorism. A weird assignment given the fact that Iran is a major sponsor of the terrorist Assad government in Syria, as well as of Hizbollah, the illegal Shi'ite militia in Lebanon.

   But what is also disconcerting is the fact that she donned a headscarf during the encounters with the Ayatollahs and during the joint press conference with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

   The headscarf was pink, o.k. But that does not make it less of a headscarf. Why would a non-Muslim European diplomat wear such a piece of headgear?  Is it because Ayatollahs such as President Hassan Rouhani could be embarrassed to see a woman's hair?

   Whatever happened to half a century of feminist pride, of gender mainstreaming, if this is the result?  How can we expect Iran ever to rejoin the world community if  the representative of Europe bows to the whims of a caste of priests turned politicians who are notorious for their awful human rights record?

Ihsan al-Tawil

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