Eco-fascists & the U.S. railways


It is worth noting that eco-fascist groups, via their social network channels, regularly advocate for attacks on the national railway system. Over the summer of 2023, eco-fascist insiders circulated an instructional YouTube video on how to make an improvised mobile thermal lance kit, to encourage their followers to cut railway lines in order to cause train derailments. This tactic is in line with the 'accelerationist' strategy aimed at causing a sociopolitical collapse, ultimately leading to what they see as social change for the betterment of the white man. 

TRAC cannot ignore that the sabotage of railways to cause train derailments is a specific tactic that converges with left-wing extremist and right-wing ideologies as well. From the far left, Anarchists frequently make use of tools to cause derailments and have also published and disseminated instructional manuals on how to do so. From the far right, eco-fascists consistently advocate that there is almost no chance of being caught when you derail a train in remote locations.

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