Zaman France se termine; German, Belgian Zaman closed

"C'est avec regret et tristesse que nous annonçons à nos lecteurs la fin de la parution papier et Internet de Zaman France. La violence du climat politique actuel en Turquie et la tournure inquiétante qu'ont prise les événements ne permettent plus, en effet, à notre rédaction d'accomplir correctement son travail journalistique au vu des risques sécuritaires grandissants qui pèsent actuellement sur nos abonnés et nos lecteurs, ainsi que ceux qui frappent plus spécifiquement les membres de la rédaction de Zaman France."



"The Turkish-language Zaman newspaper has decided to halt its operations in Germany after its readers received threats over their subscriptions to the paper, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported on Friday.

“Our subscribers are being visited; they are being threatened that if they continue to subscribe, they will have problems,” Süleyman Bağ, an executive at the paper, told DW.

Bağ was further quoted as saying that the current situation in Turkey, where the government is carrying out a wide-ranging media purge, was spilling over into Germany.

It is not yet known whether the newspaper will maintain its online edition.

The Zaman French and Belgian newspapers had earlier stopped publishing due to threats."

Update II

Zaman daily ends print edition in Germany amid threats, financial problems.

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