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  • Trump promises the "Largest Deportation Project" in History

Trump promises the "Largest Deportation Project" in History


Trump calls for mass detention camps and rounding up millions of Latinos, saying it will be larger than a 1950s military operation called “Operation Wetback” We’re going to have the largest deportation effort in history, larger than Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower was very big as a deporter as you know, people don’t know that about him. And he as tough.  And we’re gonna have it because…”  

Also, mass detention camps, because you can’t just randomly deport people without probable cause and a  judicial proceeding.  You have to go through the courts.  All these people he plans to “round up” will have to be held somewhere - and he has some dark plans for that. According to his own plans as part of “Agenda 47” Trump says that he will use the Military to do a mass-round up of undocumented migrants.  Not just those who have committed crime, his goal is to gather all of them. Even those who have been here for decades and have U.S. born children and grand-children. He would end “Birth-Right Citizenship for children. [Whom he calls “Anchor Babies” — which I guess would also include Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric and Baronn.] There’s no telling how many U.S. Citizens will be wrongly deported. He would send the military to the border — and I suspect — authorize them to use lethal force to repel migrants. [Like the deadly razorwire in Texas.]

With Project 2025 he would establish America as a Christian Theocracy. He would make being LGBTQ a crime. He would make sharing or even writing LGBTQ books a crime as “pornography” turning teachers and libraries into “sex offenders.”  He would ban “Gender Affirming Care.”  He would establish a nationwide abortion ban, ban IVF, IUD’s, contraception, surrogacy, Mifeprestine and Plan B. He would force women to report their menstruation cycles to the government so they would be able to tell if they’ve had a secret chemical abortion. He would prosecute doctors for saving the life of a pregnant woman, but not also saving the life of her fetus, even if if was non-viable or already dead. He would massively overhaul education, require prayer in school, ban the teaching of accurate African-American history, ban symbols of ‘Gay Pride”,  and provide incentives for teachers to carry guns in the classroom - because, sure, that’s another thing they can juggle in their “ample free time.”

He would crack down on CRT, DEI and Affirmative Action arguing that it is truly “White people” who are being systematically discriminated against whenever anyone tries to provide aid, benefits, loans or support for anyone who isn’t white. He would reverse efforts at Criminal Justice and Cash Bail Reform, re-installing failed and bigoted “Stop and Frisk”, “Three Strikes” and “Tough on Crime” policies such as implementing the death penalty for drug dealing and smuggling [especially Fentanyl]. He would use the military “crack skulls” and “shoot” peaceful protests. We know this because he tried to do it before.

Frank Vyan Walton -- Daily Kos

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