Islamic State: After the Moscow terror assault


Following the 22 March Crocus City Hall Concert Venue, Islamic State issued several propaganda items. On 25 March 2024, the unofficial Islamic State (IS) media Al-Azaim circulated a poster, threatening President Putin and Russian citizens with new attacks on Russian soil. The threats followed the emergence of several photos and videos showing signs of torture on the alleged attackers behind the Concert Venue.

The poster was issued in several languages, including Russian, English, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkish, Pashto, and Farsi, to reach a maximum audience. Islamic State Khurasan’s al-Azaim has been looking to reach Tajik nationals since at least July 2022 when they opened a Tajik language media house.

The poster depicts a man pointing a knife, similar to the one featured in a video depicting Russian security forces cutting off a suspect’s ear. The release of this propaganda poster is an attempt by the Islamic State to reach a wide audience, to encourage like-minded lone wolves to take action.


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