Essay:  Germany in 2050 x

Our neighbors in the South and Southeast:   Europe's real problem

 Unsere Nachbarn im Süden und Südosten:  Europas wirkliches Problem   

   Despite the "Limits to Growth", the world economy continues to grow rapidly, defying the pessimists. How is that possible?  

    The World in 2050 




Das unbekannte Amerika


    Reforming EU Imam Training Is Easier Said Than Done


            Democrats Fail to Prosecute Trump’s Presidency Despite US Crises


          Trump and the GOP are laying the groundwork for a coup. Where are Democratic leaders?


     Europe's East Mediterranean Fiasco


    Why Ethiopia is winning the Nile waters dispute


  Der Exodus der Tunesier


          Chinese state terror and the dismantling of Uyghur neo-Jadidism 




   WHO: Tutoring Trump & Pompeo


  Türkisch-Syrien: ein neues Gaza


Syrische Illusionen II


   ....immer wieder grüsst Mussolini


                   What happens to rural and small-town Trump voters after Trump is gone? 

                Chinese camp system evolving into Xinjiang Archipelago? 

     Why Germany Is Not Broken 

     Europa:   Warum wir Macron helfen müssen

     Europa: Refugium für Islamisten

     Die Transformation Europas


         America is under attack  Feds say Russia successfully hacked into the U.S. electrical grid

    Syrische Illusionen 

             Italien:  Die Wiedergeburt des Königreichs Beider Sizilien 

         Global Trend: How Dictatorships Can Become Immortal 

Deutschland:  AfD im Hühnerstall

         Parias:  Nordkorea und die Türkei – ein Vergleich

                                                  Fluchtursachen:   Migrationstheorie: was ist richtig, was ist falsch? 

                      Looking ahead:   The Second Migration Crisis: Deportation 





                 Italien träumt vom Recovery Fund und revolutioniert die Einwanderungspolitik

                    Die Supermärkte in der Epidemie

                        Coronavirus  Socialism for the Wealthy  


                   Perché l’Italia ristagna

                    Ma perché l’Italia non vuole i migranti economici?  

                       Italia: La casalinga -- una parassita ?  

                     Italien: Die Hausfrau -- ein Parasit ?


                                          Ma tanti poveri non chiedono il reddito di cittadinanza. Ecco perché

                      Diamo un’eredità a tutti i giovani

                         Selbstmord ist der beste Umweltschutz

                        Un'operazione di salvataggio per l'Italia 

                      Vorschlag:  Eine Rettungsaktion für Italien

                 Italien:    Mit geschlossenen Augen in der Geisterbahn 

                  The European Dream:   Libya or the Economics of Migration

                    Giovani senza lavoro:  I padri restano al lavoro e i figli rischiano la disoccupazione

                  Gelähmte Wirtschaft    Italien lebt von der Substanz

                           Il sogno della nuova lira:  Finale di partita, ovvero come non si esce dall’euro

                            Perché l'economia italiana non cresce?   Pmi in ripresa, ma la produttività resta un problema

                 Italien:  Wer den Job nicht kaufen kann, bleibt arbeitslos

    Uscita dall’euro?  Benvenuti all’inferno

       Sulla pelle degli immigrati:   Il sommerso in agricoltura

        Statt Wachstum:  Der Charme des fröhlichen Schrumpfens 

           From rags to riches   Eritrea: a rising star ?  

               Zu viele Probleme gleichzeitig:  Italien hält den Atem an

                SZ:  Wie die deutsche Regierung Fluchtursachen bekämpft

        Really... Does Europe need immigration?

      Essay:    Why Piketty is right and yet wrong 
        Homo peregrinus:  The Human Globalization   


           Die Ballenstedter Strasse 
                The web really isn’t worldwide -- every country has different access 
         A Saharan Shangri La
            Why people become vegans 
                              How Armenian-Americans Became White: A Brief History 
                      L’università condannata all’italiano
                    What Exactly Are Medicare and Medicaid?

                  Islam, the State, and Security in Post-Soviet Central Asia

           Ernesto, der sprechende Hund

       Reisebericht:  Qatar 1960

           Der versunkene Kontinent    Melanesien

             Armenia:  Attitudes Toward Turks Slowly Changing

          Roma:  L’acqua pubblica? Evaporata 

                    Nine Answers To  Burning Questions About Social Security

         Der Flohmarkt: Vertriebsform der Zukunft?

Mafia of the Poor:  Gang Violence and Extortion in Central America 

               Mayotte:  Frankreich zeigt, wie man eine Migrationskrise meistert

              Die Hölle der Migranten  Sie schreien vor Freude

            A Tale of Migration and Rebetico  

             Hundert Jahre Streit: Italienische Namen in Südtirol

                    How to Protect Your Digital Privacy in the Era of Public Shaming

             Die Generation Video

                    A “Persian” Iran?: Challenging the Aryan Myth

               Casaleggios Testament

            Muslim Demographics

                  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Past and Present

                Life Expectancy: the White American Paradox

                Suicide, drug abuse, cirrhosis: the white Americans' midlife death epidemic

  Wie die NSA mich überwacht

    Et in Arcadia ego

  Rundschau,  discontinued but still on the web

  The World Population Project 

   Die Kochnische:   Fleischlos - Mediterran






According to research undertaken by the Harvard Medical School, the SARS CoV-2 virus already circulated in Wuhan in late summer and early fall of 2019. The research is based on analysis of hospital traffic and search engine data in Wuhan.

The global COVID-19 pandemic was originally linked to a zoonotic spillover event in Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market in November or December of 2019. However, recent evidence suggests that the virus may have already been circulating at the time of the outbreak. Here we use previously validated data streams - satellite imagery of hospital parking lots and Baidu search queries of disease related terms - to investigate this possibility. We observe an upward trend in hospital traffic and search volume beginning in late Summer and early Fall 2019. While queries of the respiratory symptom “cough” show seasonal fluctuations coinciding with yearly influenza seasons, “diarrhea” is a more COVID-19 specific symptom and only shows an association with the current epidemic. The increase of both signals precede the documented start of the COVID-19 pandemic in December, highlighting the value of novel digital sources for surveillance of emerging pathogens.

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